Elizabeth Berry, founded and owned Four the Paws in Marin for the last 10 years, studied Animal Behavior at ABC (Animal Behavior College) and is a certified dog trainer as well as a mentor for ABC. She continues her education any chance she gets. Taking classes and seminars with Karen Pryor, Michael Ellis and many more. She is also certified in Trail Manners, Pet CPR and First Aid

Growing up in Middletown, California, she was surround by animals starting at a young age.


While living in Southern California she worked with Walt Hanlon teaching dog obedience classes, as well as assisting with group classes and helping pet owners whose furry friends were having behavior issues.


Training since 2005 her natural ease with dogs has only been enhanced. Her first four legged companion, Maui, was a coon hound mix she rescued and rehabilitated. Maui was fully socialized and trained and accompanied Elizabeth almost everywhere she went. She helped Elizabeth train and taught her so much. She passed away at the old age of 15 and will forever be Elizabeth biggest teacher. Elizabeth current has two dogs, River, a border collie and Lucy a Chihuahua mix. 


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