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Private training is an hour session, following a training plan to achieve your training goals. It is designed to build confidence in you and your dog which in turn makes for a stronger relationship and can solve behavior issues. Day training is to help you keeps those new behaviors going. Your dog will hang out for the day with friends and get personal training throughout the day to match your goals. 

$100 an hour for private $75 a day for day training

Our board and train is unlike any other. It's a combination of private lessons and a board and train. We believe that a strong relationship between dog and owner is the most important part in training. With bringing together private lessons and a board and train we can make sure owner and dog are always on the same page.



We are a home away from home! 

Your pups will wake up for a little potty break fun and then have breakfast in bed. Followed by a full day of playing with friends and a mid day snack and nap. Back out to playing until dinner time and then tucked into bed. 

Small Dog - $35 per night

Medium and Large Dog - $45 per night

Boarding a second dog within the same kennel - $5 off second dog's boarding fee.


Doggie day is a chance to learn and play! Your dogs will play with their friends, have a nap/snack, and learn while here for the day. Each dog that comes in our door will learn and grow when they are here. 

Drop off available 8:30am - 10:30am

Pickup available until 4:30pm

Full structured daycare - $25


Basic Bath: shampoo, nail trim, ear clean

Small: 1-25lbs: $45

Medium 26-50lbs: $55

Large: 51-80lbs: $65

Giant: 81-100llbs: $75

Deluxe Bath: Shampooed, Nail Trim, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Glad Expression upon request, deshed, basic cuts (sanitary clip, paw pad shave, foot trim, eye trim.) 

Small: 1-25lbs: $65

Medium 26-50lbs: $75

Large: 51-80lbs: $85-95

Giant: 81-100llbs: $95-$100 + $10 per 10 lbs

*Haircuts: All price estimates will vary due to temperament, condition of coat and size. Actual price given at time of service. 

Standard doodles, poodles, schnauzers, old English sheepdog, airdale, wheatons (any breed with full body and face cut): $135-$150

Smaller doodles, poodles, bichons, shitizus, schnauzer, havanese, westie, carin, cockers, yorkie (full face body and face cuts): $75-$95

Cavaliers, papillon, pomeranian, pekingese, american eskimos, border terrier, long haired chihuahua ( full body cut) 

Goldens, border collies, english springer, spaniels, setters, malamutes, newfoundlands, shelties, aussiers, pyrenese $115-$200

Flea bath/Skunk bath add on: $25

Extra Handling: $10-$35

6-8 week coincident appointments: $5 off 

Cat grooming upon request

Nail Trim (2pm-3pm): $10


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