Dog Grooming



Shampoo, Nail Trim

Small: 1-25lbs: $45

Medium 26-50lbs: $55

Large: 51-80lbs: $65

Giant: 81-100llbs: $75

Price varies based on temperament of dog and condition of the coat.

Image by Kristine Tanne


Shampoo, Nail Trim, Haircut

Small: 1-25lbs: $80

Medium 26-50lbs: $90

Large: 51-80lbs: $120

Giant: 81-100llbs: $140

*Haircuts: All price estimates will vary due to temperament, condition of coat and size.  Specific hairstyle cost extra. Actual price given at time of service.

Add ons:

Anal Gland Expression: $20

Teeth Cleaning: $10

De-Shedding: $15

Sanitary Trim: $15+

Face Trim: $10-20+

Tick Removal: $5/tick

Ear Plucking: $15

De-matting: $20

Pad Trim: $15

Treatment with owner shampoo: $10

Flea and tick medication: $10

Flea bath/Skunk bath add on: $25

Extra Handling: price varies

Cat nail trim: $20


Nail trim available when groomer is present, price varies based on size and temperament of dog.

To get started please fill out our forms below. For boarding and daycare we require a free two hour meet and greet. We will then contact you to schedule the meet and greet where your doggie will come meet the staff and some doggie friends. Meet and greets are M-F 8:30am-10:30am. For training services please also fill out our Training questionnaire.

Image by Александр Гросс

Some requirements we have:

Must be dog and people friendly

If over the age of 6 months must be Spayed/Neutered ​

Must not be an excessive barker ​

Must be in good  health ​

Potty Trained ​

Crate Trained ​

Free of fleas and ticks ​

Vaccinations: ​



Highly recommended K-9

Influenza H3N2 & H3N8